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Fiddlestix Variety Markets @ The Hub

Fiddlestix Variety Markets @ Prendiville Hub!

Now a fixture here at the Hub, Fiddlestix will be running each month;

Fiddlestix @ Prendiville Hub promotes only 100% local art, craft and business, from jewelry and craft to fresh produce and music! Students, staff and parents are invited to come together with the public to sell their products, hold demonstrations, and collaborate with others in a vibrant, festive atmosphere. 

The Markets provide an opportunity for employment, business, entertainment, networking and sales for anyone interested. Individuals are encouraged to exercise their entrepreneurial skills by holding their own stalls, whether it be art, cooking, or woodwork. Those interested in art, dance, music and drama can also use this opportunity to perform in public, busk, or sell live cartoon drawings.

Community hours are also on offer for any student interested in volunteering to help with things like parking attendance.

So come on down to the Upper Oval Space at the College on Saturday June 24th from 10:30am to experience all the fun and flavour that Fiddlestix @ Prendiville Hub has to offer!

If you're interested in getting involved, whether it be hosting a stall, performing or busking, or simply volunteering to help, applications are still open!

For guidelines and application forms email;